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Dan Hathorn, BS

Director of Business Development

"You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything" - Unknown

February 4, 2019

By Dan Hathorn, BS

Embody co-founder Michael Francis Ph.D., Yas Maghdouri-White Ph.D., and Director of Engineering Nathan Kemper M.S compete at the ORS Innovative Business Competion in Austin, TX.

The Embody team posessess a unique ability to incubate talent and further the growth of advanced manufacturing methods with rock stars like Michael, Yas, and Nathan at the helm of the R&D Team.

While Doctor Michael Francis Ph.D., was presenting to the #ORS2019 crowd on the Embody approach to superior bioengineered tendons to a packed house, Doctor Yas Maghdouri-White Ph.D., and Nathan Kemper showed off the Embody poster detailing the teams breakthrough research into providing a better solution inside the tendon and ligament repair marketplace and an overview on the execution of that commercialization strategy.